Melissa Wandall A journey of hope.

Melissa Wandall has seen her life evolve in ways that she had never imagined. In 2003, Melissa, a young bride and nine months pregnant, saw her husband Mark's life cut short by a tragic crash – senselessly killed by a red-light runner. Melissa was determined to accept this tragedy as a temporary stop in life's journey. As an advocate for life, she would dedicate herself to improving road safety and helping others who have lost family members and friends to a vehicle collision carry on rich, meaningful lives. Mark and Melissa never questioned the importance of life insurance. The decision to buy this important protection lives on in the daily lives of Melissa and daughter, Madisyn. Melissa has dedicated herself to helping others who have experienced loss and, most importantly, empowering insurance agents around the country to encourage their clients to make that one selfless decision – to buy life insurance.